Research Grants





The American Laryngological Association (ALA) offers two research grants for each Academic Year. The following grants are available:

            ALA - ALVRE RESEARCH GRANT: The purpose of this grant is to support basic, translational, or clinical research project in laryngology, voice, outcomes, and related subjects.

            Amount: $10,000.00 Maximum.

            Term: 12 months, non-renewable.


            ALA – SEYMOUR R. COHEN RESEARCH GRANT: The purpose of this grant is to support basic science or translational research project in the area of laryngology or neurolaryngology with relevance to the pediatric population.

            Amount: $15,000.00 maximum.

            Term: 12 months, non-renewable.


  To review details on the ALA/ALVRE Research and Seymour R. Cohen Research grants including eligibility, conditions, requirements, and application instructions, please click on the respective link.  For a copy of the application, Click here to download the ALA Research Grant Application

Letters of intent are due to our Administrator, Maxine Cunningham by December 15, prior to the year the grant is to be awarded

Please send a signed PDF copy of the letter of intent to

Completed applications are due January 16 of the year the grant is to be awarded.



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