Post Graduate Members' Information



Proposal:  The post-graduate membership committee proposes annually a specific post-grad membership event that is integrated into the ALA/COSM meeting.

Advisors to post graduate membership committee: Dr. Robert Ossoff,  Dr. Peak Woo, and Dr. Michael M. Johns III,

Goals for the Post-Graduate Member Committee:

  1. Foster young physicians in making further advancements in the field of laryngology. 
  2. Encourage a sense of fellowship among the post-grad members
  3. Develop momentum towards full membership into the ALA
  4. Encourage maintenance of an elevated level of clinical and scholarly achievement in Laryngology.
  5. Give practical information to newly trained Laryngologists toward robust clinical and scientific practice

Post-graduate members of the ALA have several opportunities to participate in various initiatives this year.  If you’re interested in any of the following, please reach out to the appropriate member of the Post-Grad Member Committee.  Some things for you to consider:

•             Post-grad / Full member mentorship match – Post-grad members who have been paired with mentors have found this a valuable source of career advice. If interested in this, please e-mail Lee Akst ( or Melin Tan-Geller (

•             Peer group pairing mentoring –There are a handful of these groups now, as post-grad members can be a wealth of advice for one another.  If you’re interested in joining one of these groups, please e-mail Kimberly Vinson (

•             Breakfast symposium – Planning is underway for COSM 2018, and we’re always looking for more ideas.  If you have any suggestions for topics, please e-mail Melin Tan-Geller (

•             Patient education materials – With the strong support and encouragement of the ALA Council, we’re going to refresh and create patient education materials for the ALA website.  Jon Bock, Jim Daniero, Zandy Hillel, and Lee Akst are working on a table of contents now, and will be looking for volunteers to sign-up for individual chapters in the future.  If interested in writing for this project, please e-mail Lee Akst ( or Jon Bock (



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