Transactions & Historical Documents

Transactions of the ALA Meetings

The American Laryngological Association presents a yearly scientific meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to update members and the world community of Otolaryngologists on advances in the field of Laryngology and to recognize those who have made significant contributions to field. The Transactions of these meetings are maintained on this website and in hard copy at the office of the ALA. 

Historical Documents

This collection of historical documents was compiled to celebrate the 125th annual meeting of the American Laryngological Association, in Phoenix Arizona, May of 2004. These documents were discovered a few years ago in the library of Harvard Medical School. The papers have been restored and preserved, and remain in the Harvard library, on loan from the American Laryngological Association. To make this rich historical material available to its members, the ALA has digitally scanned and catalogued the documents, for presentation at its 125th annual meeting.


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