Nomination for ALA Membership

Becoming a Fellow of the American Laryngological Association

Membership in the ALA is an honor as members are recognized by their peers as specialists in the management of diseases of the upper aerodigesitve tract.  This includes diseases or dysfunction related to voice production, swallowing and breathing.  Membership, for all classes, is by invitation.  Each candidate for admission must be proposed by one Active Fellow, and seconded by another Active Fellow.   In addition to support from two (2) Active Fellows, all applicants for Active, Corresponding, and Associate Fellowship and Post-Graduate Membership must complete an application.  These applications are available on the secure page to Active Fellows in good standing after login.  The application should be completed by the applicant and returned to the Proposers for their signatures.  Photographs and original signatures are required.  At this time we are unable to accept these electronically; however, the application is acceptable via email to the Administrator's Office if the photo is clearly viewable.




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