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Laryngology Fellowship Match Program.  


The American Laryngological Association sponsors a yearly match for residents interested in fellowship training in laryngology.  Participation in the match process by programs and resident applicants is voluntary.  The fellowship match process was initiated for applicants for the 2012/13 fellowship year.  It was well received and ran smoothly. Therefore, the match process has continued.  By using the match program, resident applicants have time to interview at all programs they are interested in and those in the match will have a uniform date of acceptance.  This is designed so that applicants do not feel pressured to accept a position prior to having the opportunity to interview with all programs in which they are interested. 

Further information regarding deadlines for the 2015-16 match program are available through this site for applicants and program directors.


Research Grant Funding


The American Laryngological Association (ALA) will be sponsoring two grants through the American Academy of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery Centralized Otolaryngology Research Efforts (CORE) this year.

     *   ALA-Nestle Nutrition Institute Dysphagia Research Grant (new this year)

     *   ALA-ALVRE Voice and Laryngology Research Grant

Letters of intent are due by December 22, 2011 (via Proposal Central).  Full applications are due January 16, 2012.


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