Research and Education


The American Laryngological Association (ALA) supports and encourages research and education designed to advance knowledge in the field of laryngology.  This includes adult and pediatric issues in airway, voice and swallowing.  In addition, the ALA believes that additional training in Laryngology may be an area of interest for some otolaryngologists who have completed residency training.  Therefore, the ALA Council has worked to develop a set of suggested Guidelines for Laryngology Fellowship Training.


Research funding is available through grants sponsored by the ALA/ALVRE Research Grant fund.  The ALA participates actively in reviewing grants with American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery through the Centralized Otolaryngology Research Efforts (CORE)  grant program.  Applications for funding consideration through ALA-ALVRE fund should be submitted directly to CORE.


Educational activities of the ALA occur primarily through the scientific program of the annual meeting. The meeting provides a platform for investigators to present their research. In addition, the Baker Lecture and the State-of-the-Art Lecture provide an opportunity for recognized experts to share their expertise with meeting participants. Finally, the program committee of the annual meeting is responsible for providing interactive panel sessions during which experts and audience participants can discuss their views on designated topics.



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